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Honorary Life Members

The following individuals are Honorary Life Members of Northern Frontenac Community Services Corporation. They exemplify a commitment to our vision of a strong Community. The Honorary Life Membership provides a lifelong membership which includes voting privileges at all Member Meetings.

2021 Bob Webster
2020 Susan Ablack
2019 Grace Wilby
2018 Ann Walsh
2017 Marg DesRoche
2016 John Paul Kehoe
2015 Vern & June Crawford
2014 Jeanne Patterson
2013 Theresa Ferguson
2012 Tom & Eileen Christenson
2011 Joan Wyatt
2010 Jeff Green
2009 John Kerr-Wilson; John Jackson
2008 Liz Scott
2007 Linda Chappel; Brenda Piat
2006 Jim Scott; Tom Ham

2006 Jim Scott; Tom Ham
2005 Keith Conboy
2004 Brenda Martin
2003 Guy Lombart
2002 June Lovesey
2001 Carmen Emery
2000 Catherine Elliott; Bessie Steele
1999 Jean Goodberry; Audrey Tarasick
1998 Don Aberdeen
1997 Elaine Gunsinger
1996 Roger Babcock
1995 Mary Loucks; George Humphrey
1994 Evangeline Hermer
1993 Don St.Pierre; Frank McCullagh
1992 Charles & Marie Brooks; Winton Roberts
1991 Hilda Geddes; Astrid Thonigs

1990 Bill Kelford; Kathleen Airdrie
1989 Dave Hansen; Della Larocque
1988 Sylena Greenslade; Bill Warren
1987 Margaret Millar; Carri-Ann Laflamme
1986 Lyall Stewart; Glen Fossey
1985 Harold Perry; Doreen Howes
1984 Arden Lee; Mervyn Rutherford
1983 Wayne Robinson; Judy Snell
1982 Carol Stinchcombe; Helen Vizely
1981 Dr. Peter Pell; Fred Smith
1980 Martin Walsh; Melville Good
1979 Lila Steele; Isobel Stewart
1978 Nina Simonett; Helen Tryon
1977 Clarence Cox
1976 Marcel Giroux

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