In keeping with our Mission to provide opportunities that will enhance the well-being and self-sufficiency of all community members we work with our community partners to have staff and services available in rural Frontenac.

Other Services Available at 1004 Art Duffy Road

  • The Maltby Centre
  • Early Expressions
  • KFLA Dental Program

Other Services Available at 1020 Elizabeth Street

  • Land O’ Lakes Women’s Program – Crisis intervention and support for women who are survivors of abuse.
    – 613-279-3151, ext. 418 Crisis Line during business hours: 1-877-679-6636 or 613-336-8934
  • The Legal Clinic – Legal information to all area residents regardless of income. Casework and representation before courts and tribunals in certain areas of the law for lower income individuals who qualify financially. Public legal education.
    – 613-887-9117 or toll free at 1-888-777-8916
  • Ontario Disability Support Program – Income Support/Employment Support for Persons with a Disability –  Les services sont offerts en français et en anglais.
    – 613-279-3151, ext. 406 or  613-545-4553 or 613-545-4558 or 1-800-267-0236.
  • Ontario Works – Provides temporary financial assistance to those most in need while they meet obligations to become and stay employed.
    – 613-279-3151 ext 405 or 613-546-2695 ext 4898 or toll free at 1-888-778-4531
  • Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington – An agency which works to protect children, strengthen families, and enable youth.
    – 613-279-3151 ext 412, 413, 415 or 613-545-3227
  • Addiction & Mental Health Services, Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington – Mental Health and addictions counselling service.
    – 613-279-3151
  • Providence Care Mental Health Services – An Outreach Clinician with Providence Care Mental Health Services, serves adults and their families living/coping with serious and complex mental illnesses, who reside in the northern rural Frontenac Townships. We provide time limited, client and family-centered, community based specialty services that include: assessment, consultation, referral, evidence informed group and individual therapy,  and community development services. We also facilitate linkage and access to other Providence Care Mental Health Services’ specialized programs.   Services can be accessed by contacting the Providence Care Mental Health Services Outreach Clinician in Sharbot Lake.
    – 613-279-3151 ext. 419