Frontenac County EarlyON Schedule

What is EarlyON?

EarlyON is designed to provide a broad set of free programs and resources for parents and their young children
EarlyON drop-in programs are offered in more than 900 locations
EarlyON Child and Family Centres enhance children’s learning and development, provide support to parents and caregivers, and connect families to community services

The EarlyON Experience?

EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer free, drop-in programs for children up to six years old and their parents/caregivers. EarlyON Centres are places to engage and connect with others in the community and feel a sense of belonging.

You will be welcomed by qualified early-years professionals who can provide support, advice, and helpful resources. EarlyON Centres are where children and their parents/caregivers can learn, play, laugh, be curious, make friends and engage with others.

Programs and Resources

EarlyON Centres offer children, parents and caregivers a friendly environment that fosters positive learning with a wide range of quality programs and services to help your child reach their full potential with:

  • Programs designed especially for children up to six years old
  • Play-based learning experiences that are fun and engaging – such as painting, drawing, building, creating, reading, storytelling, singing and much more
  • Advice from professional trained in early childhood development
  • Information or referrals to specialized programs and services within the community
  • Opportunity to meet and make connections with families and young children