There has been a demonstrated need in Frontenac County for a transportation system that would improve the accessibility of key services amongst the diverse residents of the various townships. This need was recognized at the township level. Prior to 2005, both Northern Frontenac Community Services (NFCS) and Southern Frontenac Community Services Corporation (SFCSC) had transportation programs in which seniors, children and other clients of the agencies were driven by volunteer drivers to appointments or places they needed to go. Various staff of the agencies organized these rides.

In 2005 “Rural Routes” was developed for Central and North Frontenac Townships using a grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation. A “dedicated dispatcher” model of connecting volunteer drivers with people who needed rides was developed and a large new clientele from ODSP and OW clients was established, along with a large service getting children to licensed Programs at NFCS’s Child Centre.

Consultants were hired on two separate occasions to examine the transportation within Frontenac County with the goal to create a financially and operationally sustainable business model and organization to service the unique transportation needs of residents of Frontenac County.

The first engagement, ending in January of 2008, confirmed the belief that there was a demand for this service, and identified key population segments in need. The second, completed in November 2008 focused on the partnership between SFCSC and NFCS. In an attempt to create a sustainable solution and secure funding from the County of Frontenac, it was recommended that Northern and Southern Frontenac Community Services organizations join together to create the Frontenac Transportation Services serving residents in Frontenac Townships. A plan was developed and approved by County Council, NFCS and SFCSC and Frontenac Transportation Services was launched on May 1, 2011.

In 2013 they had approximately 60 volunteer drivers and completed over 6800 rides. Volunteers drove over 600,000 km and volunteered over 16,000 hrs.

Frontenac Transportation stills serves all manner of clients from the very young to our “young at heart” elderly clients.  Our purpose remains “to provide a sustainable and affordable transportation service for people residing within Frontenac County”.

Statistics for April 2016 – March 2017


  • North Frontenac number of rides:           463
  • Central Frontenac number of rides:        3206
  • South Frontenac number of rides:           2475

Percentage of Rides and Income

North Frontenac:              8% of the rides                  18% of billing

Central Frontenac:          52% of the rides                 54% of billing

South Frontenac:              40% of the rides                28% of billing