We make every effort to understand your child’s needs in order for them to have a successful transition into our program. During the initial meeting between parents/guardians, you will be given an application. This will provide us with valuable information about your child.

We require this application to be completed and returned before your child’s first day. Parents need to be specific during registration which days they require for part time care. If additional days are required, they can be filled if our ratios and staffing allow. Should the program be at full enrollment, children will be placed on a waiting list.

Our program is structured to allow flexibility in childcare arrangements. Part-time care is an option for parents. One full-time space may be shared by two families. If there are children requiring full-time enrollment, parents of children attending part-time will be given notice that their space is required, or will be asked to exercise their option of increasing their number of days to 5 days per week.

We welcome parents/guardians to bring their child to the program to visit, and become familiar with the surroundings and other children, prior to the child’s first day. It is encouraged to have your child enrolled to attend a minimum of two days per week. This helps them become more familiar with the staff and the routine.

Information and Registration Booklets

Parent Handbook