Volunteers are essential to our service. To maintain accessibility and availability in the system, we need to maintain and sustain our volunteer workforce. We celebrate our volunteers annually at our Volunteer Appreciation event. For the last two years a volunteer driver has received our Volunteer of the Year Award.

We currently have 41 drivers, 14 in the South and 27 in North and Central Frontenac Townships.


Distance:              702,361
Hours:                   18,749


Distance:              748,683
Hours:                   18,377


Distance:              727,848
Hours:                   17,638         

To View the Job Description:

FTS Driver Job Description

To Become a Volunteer Driver You Must…

  1. Complete an FTS Volunteer Application Form (PDF).
  2. You must carry $2,000,000 liability on your car.
  3. You must provide 3 references.
  4. You must have a Vulnerable Screening check. There is no cost to you. We provide the paperwork required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer?
To be a volunteer driver you must have your G license and a reliable vehicle.

How are drivers paid?
A volunteer driver is paid a mileage rate which is non-taxable. No wages are paid. We pay this bi-weekly.

What is the typical pay for rides?
A ride from Sharbot Lake to Kingston, the volunteer driver would be paid approximately $65.00. A ride from Verona to Kingston, the volunteer driver would be paid approximately $40.00.